Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Married Mac Geeks Under the Influence episode 7

Welcome to Married Mac Geeks Under the Influence episode 7! This week we drink a delicious Moscow Mule. This is a drink that we often have at our local restaurant 320 Main in Seal Beach. 

a 6 ounce copper mug
1.5 ounces of Vodka
and fill to the top with Ginger Beer (non alcoholic)

 Topics this week include: Gaming on the Mac and iOS- We discuss real time strategy games. We miss Age of Empires and Empire Earth. Marilyn hates the Jurassic park game and calls it Farmville with dinosaurs. We are looking forward to Field Runner's 2 on the iPad.

 Modifying your Mac- Panic's CandyBar is now free. Kevin offers a $15 mac-fusion gift card if you legitimately know what Font DA mover was. You have to have actually have used it back in the day.

Customer of the week!

 and the iCloud "hacking"- This is where Marilyn gets all conspiracy theory on the fact that the victom has ties to a less than reputable tech blog. This is also where Marilyn gets VERY angry ;-)

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