Thursday, June 28, 2012

Married Mac Geeks Under the Influence episode 4

As promised we are on a regular every other week schedule that we plan to continue! We worked on some more audio issues but the stereo issue persists... I'm going to reach out to my audiophiles to figure out what I need to change in Garageband to make that stop. So for now, enjoy us in stereo :-/ Today's drink is actually a shooter called the "screw me sideways". A 3 ounce shooter that is once ounce Jagermeister, an ounce Pama Liquor and an ounce of cranberry juice.

 Topics include:
Our favorite accessories
Basic troubleshooting
New Retina MacBook Pros
Heatgate or "Is the Retina MacBook Pro a ball burner?"
Google I/O announcements
 and other various tangents.

 Also it was pointed out to me that I should mention that this podcast is marked explicit (shocker?) in iTunes. Some were unable to find it in the iTunes store but found it the way of our blog which is just the feeder to iTunes.

 Thanks for subscribing! If you have any feedback or would like to give us any topic suggestions please hit us up on twitter.

Marilyn @macfusiongirl
Kevin @fakemacfusion

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Married Mac Geeks Under the Influence episode 3

We're BACK!! After a 6 month hiatus to open our first (hopefully) only, independent Apple Specialist retail store we are finally back to almost normal and ready to podcast. We cover our new podcast setup (YAY better audio), WWDC announcements and our awesome JalapeĊ„o Margarita cocktail of the week. Kevin says to stick around to the end where my booze finally kicks in and I loosen up a bit ;-)